Telos Alliance® Expands and Enhances Axia® Quasar AoIP Mixing Consoles

New products include Quasar Engine RPS and SmartKey Module, plus engine and surface software update

Cleveland, Ohio (September 5, 2023) – Telos Alliance®, trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades, has announced the addition of two new products to its Quasar family of AoIP mixing consoles along with a significant software update to Quasar Engine and Quasar XR and SR surfaces.

Quasar Engine RPS

Quasar Engine RPS builds on the success of our proven Quasar Engine platform by bringing many of the features and functions normally managed within the surface to the engine itself and leveraging the power of the browser-based Quasar Soft UI and Quasar Cast to create a standalone mixer without the need for a physical surface. Quasar Engine RPS is ideal for any application where a traditional console is unnecessary or impractical, such as small studios and backup facilities, or as a lower-cost backup to the main hardware console. Existing Quasar Engines can be field-upgraded using the RPS Upgrade Kit.

Quasar SmartKey Module

The Quasar SmartKey Module is a 2-channel-wide surface module for Quasar XR and SR control surfaces. Any function created in Axia Pathfinder Core PRO can be assigned to any SmartKey, providing users with nearly limitless customization options. Each module is available in a 6, 12, 18, or 24-button layout. Up to three 6, 12, or 18-button modules can be daisy-chained together. SmartKey Modules can be ordered with new Quasar consoles or purchased separately and field-installed for existing installations.

Quasar V3.0 Engine and Surface Software Update

The V3.0 software update for Axia Quasar engines and surfaces offers significant performance and feature improvements to the XR and SR consoles. Extended AES67 functionality brings full compliance to all engine inputs, outputs, and monitoring sections and adds PTP synchronization. Enhanced DSP processing, including filters, dynamics processing, and True Peak limiting, have been added to Program 1-4, Record, and Phone busses, while each input channel gains a dedicated low-latency peak limiter. Each input channel now enjoys the flexibility of a variable position Insert Sends, allowing users to choose from pre-fader/pre-processing for inserting external effects and processing, pre-fader/post-processing, or post-fader to direct output feeds to codecs or custom mix-minuses. Insert Returns also benefit from variable position options on each channel. VMIX instances now offer phase and pan controls for each of their five inputs.

“The Quasar consoles evolve into a much more powerful and flexible platform with the introduction of the system-wide V3.0 software upgrade,” said Luca La Rosa, Senior Product Manager, Telos Alliance. “Not only are we expanding the processing capabilities of every Quasar XR and SR mixing console, but we are opening the doors to standalone Engine applications, including remote production workflows and redundant control surface architectures with the new Quasar Engine RPS upgrade.”

The V3.0 engine and surface software update will be a free upgrade for current Quasar XR and SR customers and will be available in mid-October 2023.

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Quasar Engine RPS

Quasar SmartKey Module

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