Take 1 to acquire Maryland-based transcription & captioning company Verb8tm

Take 1 to acquire Maryland-based transcription & captioning company Verb8tm

CRANBROOK, KENT — December 7, 2021 – Transcription, access and localization services provider to the media and entertainment sector, Take 1, has entered into an agreement to acquire Maryland-based transcription and captioning company, Verb8tm.  The transaction is scheduled to close on the 31st of December 2021 and will strengthen Take 1’s position in the US with the addition of Verb8tm’s staff and technology.

Verb8tm was originally established in 2007 as the International Center for Accessible Radio Technology (ICART.)  Founded by Ellyn Sheffield, Ph.D., the center’s mission was to serve the public radio market to comply with federal accessibility standards.  After several years of research and development, ICART commercialized to become Verb8tm, Inc., and the organization has subsequently expanded to provide affordable, efficient and high-quality captioning and transcribing services to several markets across the US.  The company maintains its strong ties to the educational sector and has conducted extensive research into combining automated speech recognition technology and human workflows to maximize both efficiency and quality in transcriptions.

The opportunity to acquire Verb8tm arose on the back of Take 1’s recent growth and aggressive expansion in access and localization services.  The Take 1 team quickly recognised how Verb8tm’s talent, technology and intelligence could bolster Take 1’s already strong position in the US while maintaining the company’s reputation for high-quality products with a human touch.  In connection with the acquisition, Verb8tm’s key management team will assume responsibility for operations across part of Take 1’s business in the US, supplementing Take 1’s extensive freelance base of transcription, access and localization professionals to deliver both fast turnaround and at-scale projects.

“All access and localization services depend on high quality transcripts, so it just makes sense for us to invest in the talent, technology and workflows that Verb8tm has spent years researching and perfecting in these areas,” said Take 1 CEO, Louise Tapia.  “But, more importantly, the Verb8tm team demonstrates the values of professionalism, commitment to quality, perseverance and dedication that are central to our culture.  Their addition to our team will strengthen the entire organization and cement our position as a leading supplier of transcription, access and localization services in the US.”

“We’ve dedicated over a decade, at ICART and Verb8tm, to making audio and video accessible to global audiences through high quality transcribing and captioning,” said Verb8tm founder, Ellyn Sheffield.  “Like Verb8tm, Take 1 is renowned for integrating technology and human workflows to create high quality content, but with the added benefits of an international client base and presence.  Take 1 is already a trusted partner to some of our most significant clients and joining Take 1 will provide our team with a fantastic opportunity to continue our legacy of excellence.”

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About Take 1
Take 1 makes video accessible by unlocking the power of words.  The company leverages data driven workflows to provide high-quality transcription, access and localization services to the media and entertainment industry.  With offices in the UK and US and a global workforce, Take 1 has a heritage of over 20 years in the broadcast industry and a reputation for providing fast, reliable services and unrivalled quality.

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