Panasonic Unveils Premium Plus ProTect Services and Kairos Firmware Update to Enhance Broadcast Experience

In a significant move to enhance customer support and satisfaction, Panasonic has announced the launch of its Premium Plus ProTect services, a comprehensive service package designed to provide unparalleled support for its products across the B2B sectors. This initiative underscores Panasonic’s commitment to delivering not just high-quality products but also ensuring that users receive the best-in-class support to elevate their production experience.

Unveiling Premium Plus ProTect Services

The new Premium Plus ProTect services are set to redefine the standard of customer service in the industry by offering a robust suite of support features for a period of five years. Customers can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their investment is protected and supported by Panasonic’s expertise.

Key Features of ProTect Services:

  • Return to Base Repair: For any issues arising due to manufacturing or design defects, customers can avail of repair services for up to five years, ensuring longevity and reliability of their Panasonic products.
  • Access to Local Technical Specialists: Complex issues require specialized knowledge, and with ProTect, customers will have direct access to local technical specialists for swift and efficient issue resolution.
  • Firmware and Quality Update Notifications: Tailored notifications ensure that customers are always up-to-date with the latest firmware and quality improvements, optimizing their product performance.
  • Multi-language Support & Loan Access: Understanding the diverse needs of its global customer base, Panasonic offers multi-language support and access to loans, enhancing the overall service experience.

Introducing KAIROS Firmware ver.1.6

In addition to the launch of ProTect services, Panasonic has rolled out a new firmware update for its IT/IP Platform, Kairos. The version 1.6 firmware update introduces several enhancements aimed at improving the functionality and performance of the platform.

Highlights of the Update:

  • Enhanced Video Inputs/Outputs: With more video inputs and outputs, users can now leverage simultaneous operation via an ST 2110 network without the need to halve inputs, even during ST 2022-7 redundant operation.
  • Canvas Improvement: The update brings about a significant canvas improvement, supporting up to 12K (approximately 66Mpixels), offering users more creative freedom and superior image quality.
  • Improved Color Correction: Addressing the evolving needs of content creators, the new firmware enhances color correction capabilities, enabling the production of visually aesthetic pictures that meet the high standards set by platforms like Netflix.

Case Studies: Proving the Mettle of Panasonic’s Innovations

Panasonic’s commitment to innovation and quality is further demonstrated through two compelling case studies:

The Popcorn Look with AK-PLV100

The changing landscape of content consumption has increased the demand for visually aesthetic live images. Panasonic’s camera system, including the AK-PLV100, enables content creators to reproduce creative styles at live performances, providing them with the freedom to experiment with looks that captivate audiences.

“The perfect bridge between cinematic aesthethic and professional broadast requirements. In a system ideal for event production. The Panasonic PLV 100 with its accompanying Fujinon Lens Ecosystem are the missing tool needed to produce cutting edge live images and content for post production. We at AMBION call it the new popcorn look” Christoph Janssen, Managing Director AMBION GmbH

UR100 PTZ Cameras at Bjerke Horse Track

Demonstrating unparalleled durability, the UR100 PTZ cameras operated flawlessly at -27 degrees Celsius at the Bjerke Horse Track. Their performance in extreme conditions not only showcases their reliability but also their ability to exceed specifications, functioning effortlessly in temperatures well below -15 degrees Celsius.


With the introduction of Premium Plus ProTect services and the latest firmware updates, Panasonic is setting a new benchmark in customer service and product innovation. These initiatives are a testament to Panasonic’s dedication to supporting its customers and enhancing their production experience, ensuring that Panasonic remains at the forefront of the broadcast industry.

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