MRMC Broadcast Camera Robotics: Revolutionizing Videography from Local Studios to International Broadcasters

The world of camera robotics is undergoing a transformative shift, with innovative solutions emerging for videographers, international broadcasters, houses of worship, and sports stadiums. At the forefront of this revolution are robotic camera arms and jib solutions, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in various workflows.

Introducing the AJS-2 Advanced Jib System

The AJS-2 is a standout innovation in the realm of automated jibs. It incorporates real-time control and automation capabilities that were once exclusive to more technically advanced systems, such as the StudioBot robotic camera arm. This automated jib offers a versatile platform, supporting manual, hybrid, or fully automated operations. Its remote operation feature allows for on-the-fly adjustments, making it ideal for responding to changing conditions or capturing spontaneous moments. The AJS-2’s precision and the smoothness of its automated movements can be seamlessly integrated into motion control systems and virtual production workflows.

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Robotic Arm vs. Traditional Jib: A Comparative Analysis

While traditional jibs are excellent for capturing cinematic shots, especially in live events, their usability can be limited in compact studio spaces. The StudioBot robotic camera arm addresses this limitation. This advanced technology allows studios to benefit from the precision and smoothness of automated camera movement, enhancing the efficiency and integration of their operations.

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MRMC’s Presence at Inter BEE Japan

MRMC, in collaboration with Nikon, is set to showcase a range of solutions at Inter BEE in Japan. This event is a leading professional exhibition for the audio, video, and communications industries. MRMC’s display will include the SR-1, QRS-1 Rail, AFC Robotic Head, Robotic Pod, and the Polymotion Chat automated tracking solution. Additionally, the Bolt High-Speed Cinebot with Flair will be demonstrated for film and commercial applications. Nikon will also be showcasing their latest camera technologies, including the Z8 and Z9 models.

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Expansion of the Broadcast Sales Channel in 2023

The broadcast sales channel has seen significant growth in 2023, with new global partners gaining access to MRMC’s extensive catalogue of robotic head, rail, and jib solutions, including the Slidekamera by MRMC range. MRMC’s collaborative approach with its partners involves content creation and event participation, including recent attendance at NAB New York and the SALT Conference for House of Worship.

As camera robotics continue to evolve, they offer an exciting glimpse into the future of videography, providing innovative solutions that cater to a wide range of applications, from local studios to global broadcasting events.

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