Introducing AdBlendr: Ad Insertion Platform Unveils Revolutionary Server-Guided Ad Insertion (SGAI) Product for Streaming and OTT Industry

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 9, 2024 – Ad Insertion Platform, a pioneer in cutting-edge ad insertion technology solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of AdBlendr, the first-ever commercial Server-Guided Ad Insertion (SGAI) product in the streaming and OTT industry. Developed to redefine the landscape of digital video advertising, Ad Insertion Platform promises unparalleled efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness for content providers and advertisers alike.

By harnessing the power of Ad Insertion Platform’s Ad Proxy solution and the redefined architecture of the complete chain, AdBlendr ensures a flawless targeted ad insertion experience while maintaining optimal latency levels. This new technology enables content providers to deliver targeted advertisements with unprecedented accuracy, maximizing revenue potential without compromising viewer experience.

In addition, AdBlendr is enabling customers to add new non-linear advertising like L-Shape, squeeze-back, double-box and overlays, allowing a new source of advertising revenue that can run in parallel with the content especially interesting for sports content. All these formats and options are managed and scheduled directly by the AdBlendr backend without any changes
required at the front application level when using a SGAI compliant video player.

AdBlendr is adding on one side, markers in the manifest allowing manifest CDN caching. On the other side, AdBlendr is returning the advertising to the video player to insert or replace in full-screen or other non-linear formats.

AdBlendr is also providing the most advanced Ad proxy solution in the backend, that is able to manage the creation of the entire Ad Pod following customer-defined rules in addition to the management of the non-linear formats.

Key features and benefits of AdBlendr include:
● New non-linear advertising formats, like L-shape, Squeeze-back, Double-boxes, Overlay.
● Allows multi-hours long manifest for replay or start over features.
● CDN caching optimization for efficient content delivery and reduced server load.
● Ultra Low latency compliance, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience for audiences.
● Seamless and synchronized ad insertion without buffering or latency issues.
● Enabling ad breaks creation for live events even without SCTE-35 markers.
● Reduced computing requirements, minimizing resource consumption and operational costs for content providers.
● Ad Control and Less restriction on ad encoding

“We are thrilled to unveil AdBlendr that is a real game-changing solution representing the next evolution in digital video advertising technology. The product allows many features that were missing just by proposing the SSAI solution” said Laurent Potesta, CEO at Ad Insertion Platform. “Our focus on integrating Server-Guided Ad Insertion underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. With SGAI, we are empowering content providers to revolutionize their monetization strategies while delivering a superior viewing experience to audiences worldwide.”

AdBlendr is set to disrupt the streaming and OTT industry by providing content providers and advertisers with a comprehensive solution for maximizing revenue and engagement. To learn more about AdBlendr and Ad Insertion Platform’s innovative technology solutions, please visit AdBlendr will also be presented at NABShow Las Vegas, at the Zixi Partner Village (Booth W1401).


About Ad Insertion Platform

Ad Insertion Platform Sàrl, a pioneer in dynamic ad insertion since 2007, offers cutting-edge solutions tailored to the broadcast and streaming industry. Their newest product, AdBlendr, redefines server-guided ad insertion, seamlessly integrating the benefits of SSAI and CSAI for optimal targeting and viewer experience. Their flexible, agnostic SSAI solution, DAIConnect,
enables live or Video-On-Demand (VOD) ad insertion on Connected TV and OTT platforms, including Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST), and can be integrated with any existing ecosystem or infrastructure. Their Ad Break Composer allows customers to create, edit and optimize ad pods with easy drag-and-drop to deliver an exceptional, targeted user experience on virtually any player or connected device. As a trusted partner, Ad Insertion Platform Sàrl continues to drive innovation in digital advertising.

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