intoPIX showcases the new lightweight video compression standards and technologies driving automotive innovation at AutoSens 2023

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, September 12, 2023 –  intoPIX is set to captivate audiences at AutoSens 2023 in Brussels with its groundbreaking range of lightweight compression technologies and standards. Dedicated to enhancing and streamlining in-vehicle sensor and video connectivity, intoPIX’s innovative solutions promise to revolutionize the automotive industry’s visual data processing capabilities.

Over the past years, intoPIX has been intensively collaborating with the ISO JPEG committee to co-create the new JPEG XS lightweight compression standard designed to replace uncompressed videos efficiently and effortlessly. The JPEG XS lightweight compression standard simplifies connectivity, manages more pixels, saves cost and power, and preserves quality with no latency. It addresses any type of video format from RAW Color Filter Array to YUV and RGB.

Two families of Silicon IP cores and software are highlighted for automotive applicationsTicoXS, an exceptional range of JPEG XS lightweight compression; and TicoRAW, the game-changing range of RAW sensor compression. Experience their seamless performance across various use cases showcased at their booth.

At the heart of these demonstrations lies the flawless quality of the codec, ensuring zero-latency lightweight compression with absolutely no compromise on the source image. Witness firsthand the unparalleled excellence these technologies bring to in-vehicle sensor and video connectivity.

These mezzanine compressions are crucial enablers for technological developments, as they provide an innovative solution for a multitude of problems faced by automotive electronics manufacturers today:

  • Take no more than a few microseconds of latency – less than one millisecond! – with compression to react on time.
  • Preserve a lossless quality for human and machine vision to take the right decision, transfer the right information.
  • Lower video & sensor bandwidth to leverage existing transmission technologies, extend cable distance and increase resolutions – or bit depth, HDR, frame rate,…- with low complexity.
  • Reduce cost and power consumption in devices with less interfaces, less cables, less storage while preserving compliance with existing protocols such as MIPI, automotive ethernet, …

Gain invaluable insights into the critical role of intoPIX technology in automotive applications by attending François-Pierre Clouet’s talk, “JPEG XS video compression in automotive, a brief introduction” on Thursday, September 21 at 9:25 AM (CET) on the Mezzanine Stage.

IntoPIX welcomes all automotive engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders at its booth #41 during AutoSens 2023 in brussels from September 19 – 21, to discover the new tiny compression.

But that’s not all, intoPIX will also be at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo from September 20 to 21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. This will be another extra opportunity to meet intoPIX and find out all about our automotive technologies.

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