iGene Media London Chooses BPM as Technology Partner for New Colour-Grading Suite

London, UK, 30 October 2023 – Big Pic Media announces the completion of a colour grading suite at iGene Media’s global headquarters in Chiswick Park, London. The recently established venture perfectly synchronises with the company’s Chennai and Singapore-based offerings to continue to offer high-end post production facilities.

iGene Media offers a wide range of creative services including visual effects, colour grading, and animation. The company has made significant contributions to Hollywood films and streaming channel content, most recently Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Star Wars: Ashoka, and the live action adaptation of the One Piece anime for Netflix, amongst countless others. Furthermore, with significant studio space in Chennai, India, iGene has a major stake in both South Indian and Bollywood films. Because of its geographical placement and cloud-based seamless workflows, the company is able to offer global support to its clients 24/7. iGene Media’s most recent addition, an Advanced DaVinci Resolve suite in Chiswick Park, continues to build upon the company’s award-winning colour grading capabilities alongside two additional Resolve suites and two Baselight suites already established in Chennai.

“This new colour grading suite forms a part of our development strategy as we expand the London premises from a primarily administrative site into a fully-fledged production and post production centre,” says Phillip Covell, Chief Commercial Officer at iGene Media London. “We have commissioned a system which will provide the technical and operational resources needed to handle a wide range of content including commercials, shortform and longform features, plus documentaries as well as social media platforms. The iGene Media client list includes many of the Hollywood majors and large-scale online streaming providers. Our London facility is ideally placed to support customers in Europe and America, supplementing the services of our colleagues in India and Singapore.”

“Big Pic Media provided a proposal that we recognised would meet not only our requirements in terms of quality, efficiency and versatility, that we could offer our clients, but would fit in seamlessly to our existing workflows”, adds Kevin Doogan, iGene’s Head of Operations in the UK. “Adam Welsh and his colleagues recommended a solution comprising a Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve plus a Sony BVM-HX310 dual-layer LCD reference monitor and Sony A95K OLED client viewing monitor. They followed up with a detailed demonstration including the Resolve Advanced Panel which confirmed that the system would meet our most demanding expectations. Big Pic Media completed installation into the pre-prepared suite in a single day. A lot of current demand is for 2K in standard dynamic range but an important aspect of our work will be high-end HDR in 2K and 4K for customers keen to maximise the commercial lifetime of their television and digital film creations.”

“We are very pleased to have been chosen to partner with iGene Media in this new project,” Big Pic Media director Adam Welsh comments. “Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and Advanced Panel is one of the most powerful grading systems on the market, at a very competitive price point. Its three adjacent consoles gives colourists fast access to practically every adjustable parameter via dedicated controls interacting with five compact LCD display panels. We are confident it will conform to and exceed iGene Media’s London’s aspirations as the company expands in the film, television and social media sectors over the coming years.”

iGene Media (https://www.igenemedia.com) emerged over a decade ago with a distinct focus on delivering exceptional visual effects and colour grading solutions for Indian films. Established in 2014, it swiftly expanded its horizons, transcending borders to cater to the needs of the film industries in the US, UK, Asia and the rest of the world. iGene Media offers a wide range of services including VFX, animation, end-to-end VFX production and colour grading, each headed by experienced and dynamic VFX professionals. The company’s VFX artists always strive to deliver exceptional quality within the many disciplines the company offers. iGene Media has made an indelible mark in the realms of Hollywood, European, Asian, OTT and TV series. Its team has undertaken the tasks of roto, matchmove, paint and compositing for cinematic masterpieces such as Spider-Man: No Way Home, Godzilla vs. Kong, Black Adam, The Gray Man, Stranger Things 4 and many other major projects. iGene’s cutting-edge colour grading services have also revolutionised the visual experience in 350 films and continues to.

Big Pic Media is a resource for industry-leading production, post-production, broadcast and media products and services. It can advise and supply solutions from individual items to fully integrated suites. With offices in London and Los Angeles, Big Pic Media offers a global service to the industry, as a supplier and a representative. Big Pic Media has a support function which oversees design and installation services as well as offering engineering support for products supplied by the company. This department can design, develop and install facility updates or entire facilities on request.



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