Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, and provider of the award-winning Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), today announced that Estrella Media’s EstrellaTV, one of America’s premier Spanish-language television networks, has adopted Zixi to move from satellite to primary distribution over IP, broadcasting live linear channels to affiliates across the United States. 

Launched in 2009, EstrellaTV has grown to 15 operated stations and 35 broadcast affiliates with national carriage agreements with major cable and satellite operators. Estrella Media is a leading Spanish-language media company and one of the largest U.S. producers of Spanish-language video and audio content for multiplatform distribution worldwide, with a library of over 20,000 hours of original video content, primarily produced in its studios in Burbank, California. EstrellaTV prides itself on providing relevant and original programming and content, unrivaled and unparalleled by any other Spanish-language network in the U.S. Estrella Media also operates the Estrella News Network, the first 24/7 Spanish-language multiplatform digital news network in the U.S.

Zixi was chosen for deployment of the innovative Estrella Media workflows to deliver a wide variety of programming including news and entertainment to 100 locations because of the advanced telemetry provided by the ZEN Master control plane for monitoring and orchestration, error free ultra-low latency delivery, consultative expertise and Zixi enablement of Harmonic devices. With a simple software update, Estrella Media was able to switch on Zixi and leverage the hardware infrastructure compatible with their new IP-based workflows. 

The Estrella Media team is able to orchestrate, monitor and manage their live streams at scale by using Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane, able to centralize access to Zixi-enabled devices in the field, all from within ZEN Master. With its alerting system and source graphs that visualize stream health and analytics, administrators can easily investigate issues across all Zixi endpoints from within ZEN Master, shortening time and effort when conducting root cause analysis.

“Zixi is the industry leader for the delivery of live IP video, and they showed why in every step of the process,” said Brian Kei, COO/CFO, at Estrella Media.  “The Zixi team quickly helped us architect the workflow, test the deployment and rapidly move to production, which will benefit Estrella Media operationally and economically.”

“We are ecstatic to be able to help Estrella Media transition to IP workflows and realize operational flexibility and dramatic savings,” said Alexandra Giusto, Senior Director of Business Development, Zixi.  “ZEN Master provides Estrella Media the ability to manage and monitor stream deployments across this complex network to ensure broadcast-quality content delivery and quickly scale as needed.”

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