Densitron introduces Haptics 10.1 module for medium-sized touchscreens

CRAWLEY, UK, 31 August 2022: Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced the latest addition to its line of haptics solutions, Haptics 10.1. Designed to be used in conjunction with medium-sized touchscreens, Haptics 10.1 is geared towards the needs of vendors seeking to incorporate feedback sensations that can be profiled and localised without having to devote time and resources in their own haptics technology development.

Having previously created a haptics module for smaller (6.1”) screens, Densitron’s R&D team was ready to devise a comparable product for medium-sized touchscreens, including those used in broadcast, media and industrial applications. Augmenting an existing and extensive range of Tactile Technologies made by Densitron, Haptics 10.1 will resonate with the significant number of end-users desiring an immediate physical response when they use touchscreens.

Bazile Peter, global product manager HMI solutions at Densitron, comments: “About three years ago we started to receive more requests from customers who were moving away from using a traditional keyboard in the field towards touchscreens, but who still wanted an immediate feedback sensation to confirm that they have done an action – without having to look at the screen all the time. So we began to look at how we might provide this capability in a modular product that could be used in other companies’ solutions – not least because we recognised that having haptics is one thing, but having a product design based on haptics is quite another.”

The resulting module can be added simply to the back end of medium-sized touchscreens, meaning that there is no need for third-party companies to devote time and resources to understanding haptics, instead they have a solution they can integrate very quickly. In terms of specific broadcast & media applications, Peter pinpoints busy production environments where engineers might be required to “work on multiple events happening at the same time which entail activating certain functions. Without a physical response they may have to keep looking at the screen and potentially miss the exact moment where, for example, they need to switch from one object to another. So there is definitely potential to smooth production workflows in broadcast centres and OB facilities.”

With the Haptics 10.1 already receiving an enthusiastic response from Densitron’s customer base, further haptics products are now under consideration. “Demand for haptics-based solutions is continuing to grow as many people love the immediate feedback they provide, and also recognise that they can make touchscreen-related processes more comfortable and efficient,” says Peter. “Whilst the latest product is geared towards medium-sized touchscreens, I can reveal that we are now looking at a solution for larger-sized units.”

Haptics 10.1 will be on the Densitron stand (8.C90) at IBC 2022 (RAI, Amsterdam, 9 – 12 September).


About Densitron
Founded over 50 years ago, Densitron is a display expert designing and manufacturing touch-based HMI (Human Machine Interaction) solutions tailored to the needs of customers around the world. In 2019, Densitron acquired the Intelligent Display System (IDS) product and brand from IPE Technologies. IDS is readily integrated into Densitron’s control surfaces and offers a fully scalable, network-based display and control system, which is a logical and seamless complement to Densitron’s existing product range. We collaborate with our customers to understand their particular requirements and then create bespoke products to address those. In November 2015 Densitron was acquired by Quixant plc which designs and manufactures highly optimised computing solutions and monitors principally to the global gaming industry. Together, the Company has offices in Asia, Europe and North America and experienced application engineers based worldwide, our global approach to innovation is always underpinned by a thorough local knowledge and understanding of cultural requirements. Our products can be found in a wide range of sectors including broadcast, medical, security, automotive, digital signage and gaming. More information can be found at

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