AE Live unveils AR graphics for NBC Sports’ Thanksgiving football

The graphics company’s creative agency, Ignite, designed a traditional Thanksgiving table spread that came to life

AE Live created AR content for NBC Sports’ Thanksgiving football, for its coverage of the final Thanksgiving night game in Seattle, as the Seahawks hosted the San Francisco 49ers.

Working closely with NBC’s Sunday Night Football production team, AE Live’s creative agency, Ignite, designed a traditional Thanksgiving table spread, with team-themed objects that could be used to present key information at different points during the show.

The AE team built the table model in Unreal Engine and, using StypeLand, were able to virtually place the table on the playing field in the stadium.

The AE operational team, onsite at Lumen Field, generated live tracking data from SkyCam, using Pixotope’s Fly solution, and worked with the NBC Sports and SkyCam teams to choreograph camera moves that introduced different aspects of the table spread.

This included the reveal of the game score from a silver cloche.

AE Live chief commercial officer, Stuart Coles, said: “We are genuinely thrilled to be working with the NBC Sports’ team and to be contributing to a property as iconic as Sunday Night Football. When we first pitched the idea of reintroducing AR to coordinating producer, Rob Hyland, he was clear that he wanted original and impactful ideas.

“The vision of Rob and his team has been crucial, and really pushed our creative and technical teams to reimagine what is possible. It’s been a great start, but we feel like we’ve just scratched the surface and there is plenty more to come, which is so exciting.”

Hyland added: “We enjoyed collaborating with AE Live on the special Thanksgiving-themed elements in our holiday game, and look forward to working together to continue to provide unique AR content in our broadcasts.”

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