TinkerList and OOONA Join Forces

Tel Aviv, February 7th, 2023 – OOONA, a global provider of professional management and production tools for the media localization industry, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with TinkerList, increasing the functionality of both companies’ platforms to the benefit of their joint clients.

TinkerList is an online platform that serves as a collaborative space for the creation and adaptation of content during all stages of the television production process. Content is stored in a single location, with all members of the editorial team (editors, copywriters, graphic designers) and the production crew (director, producer, tech ops) able to access, review and annotate it. By streamlining the brainstorming, scripting, recording and broadcasting processes, the platform allows broadcasters to advance quickly through the content production chain and focus on creating high-quality television shows.

“Tests we’ve performed have shown that time and cost savings of up to 25% can be achieved by moving these processes online as opposed to the current manual production chain,” explains Aaron Nuytemans, Head of Partnerships at TinkerList. “Our goal is to remove duplication of effort and simplify everything to do with content production for our clients, who include major broadcasters, production houses and universities. This is the reason why we are making partnerships with companies such as OOONA that provide complementary solutions to our customers.”

“Our philosophy has always been to offer our clients access to all the technology and tools they need to make the localization of their content a seamless experience,” adds Wayne Garb, OOONA co-founder and CEO. “We are very happy to integrate with TinkerList and make content metadata readily available in our OOONA Integrated platform, so our users can have at their fingertips all the information they need about the content they are localizing.”

OOONA Integrated is a combination of OOONA Manager and the full suite of OOONA Tools in a single end-to-end system that addresses any media localization need. Hosted on AWS and continuously tested and monitored, OOONA Integrated is a secure and scalable solution for use by organizations of any size. It comes loaded with a mobile app for fast and remote task allocation and approval, as well as APIs into a growing number of third-party language tools for a seamless user experience.

TinkerList (https://tinkerlist.tv) is an online platform for TV content production. It provides a collaborative space where everyone in the editorial team and the production crew can create, access, review and annotate content during all stages of the production chain. Packed with all the tools your team needs, with content stored in a single location, the platform is designed to maximize productivity by up to 25% in the brainstorming, scripting, recording and broadcasting process, allowing you to focus your energy and creativity on producing high-quality television shows.

OOONA.Net Ltd develops professional management and production tools for the media localization industry. The company’s state-of-the-art software addresses any subtitling, voiceover, dubbing or captioning need. Modular pay-as-you-go pricing allows users to select the features they require. OOONA technology is trusted by thousands of users in over 100 countries around the world. OOONA is a registered trademark of OOONA.Net Ltd.



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