The story of the Award winning 100 percent Shutterstock advert by 80six

The story of the Award winning 100 percent Shutterstock advert by 80six

Co-produced by Shutterstock Studios and Ridley Scott’s RSA Films, the 100% Shutterstock ad started with a daring brief, asking creatives “What can you create with 100% Shutterstock?”

 For the 80six team, the commercial created solely with Shutterstock content was a unique opportunity to pair creativity with innovative technologies and game-changing methods of shooting.

Shot at Virtual Production Studios by 80six over the course of one day, the ad explores the full potential of virtual production, using LED technology, real-time game engines, and a camera tracking system to create computer-generated virtual worlds projected on a vast LED wall.

The focal point of the physical stage design was an 18m wide by 4.5m high curved LED Volume built with ROE Visual Diamond 2.6mm panels. 

A 12m wide by 5.4m deep ROE Carbon 5.7mm LED ceiling illuminated the stage from above; both LED screens run on Brompton’s industry-leading SX40 LED processors.

Working together with Final Pixel who delivered the Unreal Engine assets, the technical challenge was to take mainly 2D assets (photography, illustrations, vectors) and to create a virtual 3D world in which real-world actors, physical and digital props integrate seamlessly. By projecting the virtual backdrop on the LED screens, the actor could see and interact with the elements in the virtual world.

From recreating photorealistic streets in New York to extravagant backgrounds with meme-worthy elements, the ad guides us swiftly from one eclectic scene to another in this new surreal Shutterstock universe.

100% Shutterstock campaign ran between September 13th and December 12th 2021 on 19 cable networks in the US, plus Hulu, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, along with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Use of Virtual Production

Ideas Awards 2022

Behind the Scenes

 “Virtual Production was the ultimate tool to show all these things come together because you can transport people to an environment that’s completely made up. This was the perfect opportunity to test this new technology.” Juriaan Booij – Director RSA Films


“Our project simply wouldn’t have been possible without 80six. We went to Dan, Jack and the team with an idea that had never been tried before – to shoot a TV commercial using 100% virtual production and stock content. They had all the expertise and connections that we needed, collaborated with everyone involved and made magic happen!”

Anastasia Marshall Creative Director  Shutterstock Studios

“From a lighting perspective, it’s incredible to be able to use the natural colour and light emitted from the LED tiles. It helps sell the look so much more, than if it was just green screen.”

Andreas Neo – Director of Photography DOP Andreas Neo shares top tips & insights into LED Wall cinematography (virtual cinematography)

DOP Andreas Neo shares top tips & insights into LED Wall cinematography (virtual cinematography)



LED Volume: ROE Visual DM2 & CB5

LED Processing: Brompton Technology

Game Engine: Unreal Engine

Media Servers: disguise VX4’s & RX2’s

Camera Tracking: Mo-Sys StarTrack


Director 🎬 Juriaan Booij

Producer 🎞 Lisa Joseph

DP 🎥 Andreas Neo

EP/ Virtual Production Producer 📽️ Dan Hamill

Exec Producer 🚥 Mark Infante

Creative Director 🤘🏻 Anastasia Marshall

VP Brand Marketing: Rion Swartz #advertising

VP Shutterstock Studios ✨ Aiden Darné

Post: 🖥 Final Pixel

Sound: Eclectic

Reproduced with many thanks from the 80six website 

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