Silver Trak Digital creates new Media Room for the Nine Entertainment

Uses award-winning media asset management solution to create cloud-based broadcasting brand and media assets portal

SYDNEY, 28 June 2024 – Nine Entertainment markets its content to the industry via their Nine Media Room website where reviewers and media contacts can access pre-release assets such as videos, images and programme synopses. With the existing website platform in need of a major upgrade, they turned to media asset management specialists Silver Trak Digital and their award-winning Media Room solution.

Nine’s Matthew Benson explained, “We investigated solutions used by other members of the Nine family as well as those used by industry competitors and determined that we needed essentially a Brand Portal experience for our media partners, but with the ability to securely host video assets and further control the access to those assets selectively amongst users. When our evaluation and assessment was complete it was clear that the Silver Trak Media Room solution best met our requirements.”

Silver Trak Digital recently won the APB+ Award for their Media Room-based Cinema Direct 5G asset management and content delivery solution for second year in a row.

Nine’s requirements were comprehensive and included upgrading with the very latest security features. The new Media Room also had to provide a seamless transition for external viewing that included rebuilding the user interface and backend features to replicate Nine’s current platform.

There also had to be a build capability for business and support users to upload, curate and manage content and enable client user access to view only selected content via playback.

The new system also had to integrate secure playback, enable studio grade DRM, dynamic watermarking, login permissions, multi-factor authentication and muti-level user permissions,

Silver Trak Digital COO Christian Christiansen said, “Silver Trak’s own Media Room is the foundation of the new platform. Now content is uploaded by Nine Entertainment staff, or other permitted contributors, into Media Room where the enhanced media management features of Media Room allow for easy media management. Content is then assembled in Media Room and when complete it can be saved or immediately published to the Nine Media Room website with additional content able to be added at any time.”

During their evaluation of available solutions and providers Nine discovered that not all media asset management systems are created equal.

Matt added, “All available solutions, including Silver Trak’s, involved custom development, but Silver Trak’s Media Room was the only one that offered security like DRM and per recipient watermarking. We thus eliminated the solutions that were less secure and those that were prohibitively priced because they came with a lot of features we didn’t need, or in the case of screener platforms didn’t have the ability to host mixed content on a Nine site. Silver Trak’s Media Room solution, however, met all of our requirements.”

Nine’s requirements for their new Nine Media Room not only included the ability to securely and selectively share video content to a limited list of authorised viewers, but also to present the videos in a way that was aligned with the company’s brand guidelines whilst being able to add critically useful content describing the videos or shows to which they belonged.

Matt added, “Silver Trak’s Media Room provided the critical foundation for content management and asset security. It was also able to be extended through the use of a custom-designed management interface in order to present assets in a controllable manner to the intended audience.”

With the new Nine Media Room, users are able to either directly upload assets or request for assets to be uploaded by contributors directly into the core Media Room platform. Once assets are uploaded, users are then able to tag the content for ease of grouping for either later presentation or managing security.

From a separate Admin portal, Nine’s publicity users are now able to create and manage shows for presentation including the necessary text, videos, and supporting artwork and images that may be required for a public release to specific and intended audiences.

Matt said, “Once assets and media are then grouped into a programme, the Nine Publicity team are assured that viewing of the video assets is secured via DRM and individual watermarking and that the usage and consumption can be tracked.”

According to Matt the Nine team are thoroughly pleased with the new Nine Media Room custom platform that has been built and tailored to their needs by Silver Trak Digital.

He concluded, “The performance of the interfaces and the ability to search for assets or users is an immense improvement. There are other features, such as screeners, which have a definite appeal and the ability to provide secured presentation of video assets with customised per-user watermarking is a real step forward. In short, Silver Trak’s Media Room addresses all of our current requirements and provides us with a foundation from which we can further enhance the solution with even more advanced and useful features for media companies.”


About Silver Trak Digital

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