Personalized Workflows, Advanced Real-Time Production Tools Featured in Clear-Com’s IP-Based Intercom Solutions at NAB 2023

Clear-Com marks its 55th Anniversary at the NAB Show, which has been an integral part of the company’s industry presence since 1979.

Clear-Com® will be celebrating its 55th anniversary at the centennial NAB Show, where the company will showcase innovative new product features of their flagship Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix Intercom System, including Dynam-EC™ real-time production software, IP-based V-Series IrisX™ user panels, and industry-leading Role-based Workflows. Additionally, Clear-Com will highlight their award-winning IP-based Arcadia® Central Station.

A popular choice for Broadcast applications such as flypacks and OB vans, Arcadia Central Station brings together HelixNet®, FreeSpeak®, Clear-Com Encore®, other 2W/4W endpoints, and third-party Dante devices in a single, integrated system. Arcadia offers licensed-based scalability that allows it to meet numerous production needs, with support for over 100 beltpacks and up to 128 IP ports, with additional upgrades available in the future.

For applications requiring up to 200 FreeSpeak beltpacks and point-to-point workflows, the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix offers a range of unique tools to deliver power and efficiency, notably the Dynam-EC software tool which is a powerful and intuitive tool that allows for operator situational control over all your Clear-Com audio input and outputs, audio mapping, IFBs and partylines. New features introduced in EHX 13 for Eclipse HX support many of the needs of Broadcast applications for large-scale events, such as the World Cup or other global sporting events.

Clear-Com’s new V-Series IrisX IP User Panel for Eclipse delivers thin-film-transistor (TFT) displays for brightness and enhanced resolution – ideal for outdoor applications such as sporting events – combined with low latency and high port capacity.  

Clear-Com’s history is intertwined with the NAB Show, having started their time exhibiting at NAB in 1979. “Like Clear-Com, over the years the NAB show has gradually expanded its focus from Broadcasting to include all kinds of related fields, including Sports, House of Worship, Educational, Corporate Communications, and Education,” says President Bob Boster. “2023 marks Clear-Com’s 55th anniversary, making this a banner year to celebrate both our long tenure with NAB and our rich history in these industries.”

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