Media and Entertainment Industry Tackles ‘Green Hushing’ at Upcoming Sustainability Event on 2nd July

BARCELONA, Spain – June 26, 2024 — As environmental challenges grow, the media and entertainment industry faces increasing pressure to enhance sustainability.

Despite the urgency, engagement from regulators and policymakers has declined, complicating ESG accounting and fostering a trend known as the ‘Green Hush’—a cautious approach due to past mistakes and fear of greenwashing.

To tackle these critical issues head-on, Broadcast Projects, in collaboration with Greening of Streaming, is proud to announce the next event in the Sustainability Experts Series. This event will take place on Tuesday, 2nd July from 4pm-6pm CET / 10am – 12pm EST.

This event will feature thought-provoking conversation-style discussions on Green Hushing trends at a political policy level that will include an open discussion with the audience in the second hour.

The event is free to attend.

The session will feature John Pabon, renowned author of “The Great Greenwashing: How Brands, Governments and Influencers are Lying to You” alongside a panel of industry leaders and sustainability experts. They will explore the emergence of ESG and Sustainability in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) within the industry, despite the complications faced by companies in establishing compliance frameworks with regulators.

Discussion Topics:

  • Regulatory Engagement: Analyzing the decline in regulatory and policymaker engagement and strategies to re-engage them.
  • ESG Accounting Complexities: Understanding the impact of early mistakes and the cautious approach adopted by firms, leading to the ‘Green Hush.’
  • Compliance in RFPs: Examining how compliance requirements influence the content and structure of RFPs, driven by existing regulations or the anticipation of future requirements.
  • Industry Collaboration: Highlighting the importance of industry-wide support and collaborative efforts to drive sustainability.
  • Global vs. Local Challenges: Navigating the complexities of implementing sustainability initiatives across diverse markets.

This event will shine a spotlight on the critical need for collaborative action and regulatory engagement. It aims to challenge the status quo, urging both policymakers and industry leaders to recommit to sustainable practices.

Join us to push the conversation forward and ensure that sustainability in the media industry remains a top priority.

To register for the event click ​here.


About Broadcast Projects:

Broadcast Projects is a leading producer of high-impact events and initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and sustainability in the media and entertainment industry.

About Greening of Streaming:

Greening of Streaming is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the streaming and media technology sectors.

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