M6 Distribution Digital Selects Ad Insertion Platform to Enable Dynamic Ad Insertion for their Live Radio Streams

M6 Distribution Digital, a subsidiary of the French multi-media Groupe M6, has selected Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) to enable Server-Side-Ad-Insertion (SSAI) into their live streaming Radio channels.

Ad Insertion Platform’s patented DAIConnect® platform enables dynamic and personalised insertion of radio advertising for HLS and Mpeg-DASH protocols, guaranteeing a best-in-class end-user experience without buffering or latency issues. Groupe M6 will benefit from a tailored radio advertising experience for their listeners, while generating revenue from their content.

“We are thrilled to use Ad Insertion Platform’s SSAI technology for our live streaming radio channels,” said Valery Gerfaud, CEO of M6 Distribution Digital. “We can now serve ads to our listeners whatever is the player platform without any client specific integration and providing a seamless user experience thanks to the AIP Ad break composer managing the entire creation of the ad break in a pure radio listening environment .”

Laurent Potesta, CEO, Ad Insertion Platform, added: “Dynamic Ad Insertion presents ample opportunities for radio: it combines the reach, value and impact of traditional radio with the targetability, scalability and analytics of digital. That means high quality and real-time ad insertion while providing a fully synchronised delivery of dynamic ad break management with very specific audio only challenges.”

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