Football Fans Spiked CDN Traffic 116% for Ateme Customers During the World Cup

World Cup streaming
  • Traffic spike accompanied by remarkable Quality of Experience for viewers


Paris, December 20th, 2022 – Streaming service providers experienced an exceptional traffic demand on their video networks during the World Cup as millions of viewers gathered to follow their team across the tournament. On average, Ateme’s CDN (content delivery network) customers witnessed peak traffic increase by 116% compared to the usual video consumption, confirming the viewership shift to more online and OTT mediums.


Beyond this peak in consumption, this year’s World Cup was outstanding in that streamers finally received what they had been demanding for a long time: an increased Quality of Experience on OTT that surpasses that of broadcast. Dozens of rights holders across the globe chose Ateme to stream the game to billions of people who could immerse themselves into the World Cup action with OTT low-latency 4K HDR streams and audio surround. 


No more spoilers from neighbors, a truly enhanced viewing experience, and the ability to absorb consumption peaks thanks to an elastic CDN were Ateme’s customers’ pillars of success during the World Cup.


“This has been a fantastic tournament, where viewers have seen unexpected entries and eliminations, last-minute goals, and shocking turnarounds during penalty shots. Fans demand superior video experiences to savor these roller-coaster moments. As the only end-to-end solution provider covering the full video delivery offering, from acquisition to CDN, we are well placed to support this,” said Rémi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer at Ateme. “I am thrilled that we have accomplished this Quality of Experience leap for fans worldwide, and am even more excited about what’s coming next as Ateme looks to 2023 and beyond: Augmented Reality and the Metaverse, to make viewers feel as if they are right there on the field where the action is.”




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Ateme is a global leader of video compression and delivery solutions, helping tier-one content providers, service providers and streaming platforms boost their viewers’ engagement and reduce churn.

Leveraging an R&D task force that is unique in the video industry, Ateme’s solutions power sustainable TV services, improve end-users’ quality of experience, optimize the total cost of ownership of TV/VOD services, and generate new revenue streams based on personalization and ad insertion. Beyond offering technological agility, Ateme partners with its customers, offering flexible business models that match their financial priorities.

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