Etere will be a Partner Sponsor at Broadcast Technology Innovations 2023

Etere will participate as a partner and sponsor of the Broadcast Technology Innovations 2023. Organized by Media Convergence Inc., the event is scheduled to take place on October 25th 2023 at Parkinn by Radisson North EDSA, Quezon City.

Etere at Broadcast Technology Innovations 2023 Date: October 25th 2023 Venue: Parkinn by Radisson North EDSA, Quezon City

Etere is one of the major partners and sponsors of the Broadcast Technology Innovations 2023, organized by one of Etere’s longtime distributors, Media Convergence. Over the past decade, Etere has made its mark as one of the most preferred solutions by Philippines broadcasters. From concept development to post-production, Etere has empowered broadcast stations in the Phillippines to bring their vision to reality with its highly effective Etere Ecosystem framework.

The Broadcast Technology Innovations 2023 event is an excellent opportunity for the Etere team to share its experience with a diverse audience and connect with industry partners. Etere is fully committed to providing excellence to its users in the Phillippines Broadcast and Media Industry to meet their evolving business needs.

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About Etere

Since its beginnings in 1987, Etere has been preparing users for the future. Etere is a worldwide provider of broadcast and media software solutions backed by its mark of excellence in system design, flexibility, and reliability. The revolutionary concept of the Etere Ecosystem promotes real-time collaborations and enhances operational efficiency across the enterprise. Etere Ecosystem software solutions manage the end-to-end media workflow and feature an integrative Web and Windows customizable architecture to fit perfectly in any system.

Etere delivers on its service excellence commitment with 24/7 worldwide support and inclusive software updates. Etere digital technologies and market-proven remote/on-site services, such as consultancy, training, installation, and demonstrations, are ready to run with your business no matter where you are. Etere enhances your adaptability for the future and empowers you with the most innovative software tools to drive your business to greater heights.

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About Media Convergence INC. (MCI)

Established in 1999, Media Convergence Inc. (MCI) is the premier system integrator of broadcasting & production system solutions in the Philippines. From on-demand and OTT platforms to content management, workflows, video productions, playout and transmitters, MCI offers a wide-range of solutions from leading edge & respected suppliers from across the globe. Partnered with MCI’s proven capabilities and in-depth experience to design, implement and support broadcasting solutions, we are a trusted company with a proven track record to address our customer’s business and technical requirements and deliver to them the competitive advantage they need.

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