Chyron Unlocks a Complete Newsroom in the Cloud with News Portfolio Updates

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Based on a long-term, coordinated development effort, Chyron today announced sweeping improvements across its news workflow portfolio that empower broadcasters and global news teams to make a complete digital transition, with a newsroom deployed entirely in the cloud. Major updates include new capabilities for cloud deployment of the CAMIO® MOS graphic template management system, integration with leading cloud-based Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS), and migration of the AXIS cloud-based graphics creation and order management platform to an optimized AWS architecture.

“With CAMIO 5.4, we’re enabling not just cloud-based graphics management, but a full cloud-based newsroom workflow,” said Maria Bulavskaya, product portfolio director at Chyron. “News organizations using Chyron PRIME as their live production engine can deploy both systems in the cloud along with a cloud-based NRCS and move all of it from ground to cloud. They can take full advantage of workflows in the cloud — the processing power, the remote work model, and the inherent flexibility and scalability — while offloading local networks and data centers that drive significant costs.”

Rather than install graphics servers on-prem at hub and spoke sites, broadcasters now can deploy CAMIO 5.4 almost instantly in the cloud to give authorized team members convenient access, no matter where they work. With journalists building stories, previewing and rendering graphics, moving media files, and performing other tasks in the cloud, news organizations can get that demand off the local network — reducing its impact on other business operations — and into a cloud that can handle performance demands dynamically with scalable processing power.

In addition to the existing support of leading Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) such as AP ENPS, Avid iNews, Dalet Galaxy, and more, CAMIO 5.4 introduces a new integration with the cloud-based 7Mountains DINA NRCS — a platform being rapidly adopted by pure digital news organizations and global news teams. It is now easier than ever for broadcasters to deploy CAMIO in the cloud alongside their NRCS system of choice. They can quickly build a newsroom workflow that’s entirely accessible from a web browser, free from conventional time, cost, real estate, and local employee requirements.

In tandem with CAMIO’s new cloud capabilities, Chyron has unveiled a new AWS-based architecture for AXIS, a unique platform that empowers producers and journalists to create graphics from a simple browser interface, alongside an intuitive graphics order management queue that enables smooth collaboration between the art department and editorial teams.  By transitioning to an AWS architecture, the AXIS team has been able to overhaul security, 24/7 proactive support, and overall performance of this widely adopted platform.

“With this migration, our first priority was security, and the AXIS team can now offer our customers total confidence in protection of product and user data with industry-leading security measures, constantly monitored and updated by AWS experts,” said Peter Matis, AXIS product manager at Chyron. “We’re also leveraging the AWS cloud to give our support team 24/7 access to monitoring and alert tools, to proactively identify potential issues before they impact users. Not to mention, the significant performance optimizations and infrastructure stability will drastically improve the product’s reactivity and resilience.”

In addition to the new cloud architecture, the latest AXIS update also delivers optimizations to the Maps module rendering performance and infrastructure load balancing, as well as an upgraded Associated Press (AP) API integration ensuring reliable security when accessing AP feeds via AXIS.

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