Ateme offer CDN solution

Ateme offer CDN solution

Are you ready for the unexpected?

It happens every so often. Like the World Cup finals, when everyone watches the same show, at the same time.

Can your private CDN cope? Does it deliver the high quality that people expect?

If it doesn’t, you might have a problem.

And if it does, you also have a problem. Because it means that most of the time, about 90% of your CDN capacity is going to waste.

What if you could scale your CDN up – and then down again – in just minutes?

You could share your resources with other applications and slash waste!

What if you could guarantee high-quality viewing, even during traffic peaks?

Well, you can – with Ateme’s elastic CDN solution.

And you can do much more – like finding new monetization opportunities with Open Caching, and reducing your service’s carbon footprint.

We’ve just prepared a video presenting our CDN solution. You can view it here:

So now you know how to get ready if you expect the unexpected!

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