Ateme exceeds low-latency video expectations for Cyta (Cyprus)

Cyta (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority), the leading provider of integrated electronic communications in Cyprus, recently installed a low-latency solution for encoding and packaging from Ateme, reducing latency for its premium OTT channels beyond its initial expectations.

High latency can be a significant problem for OTT channels, particularly for sports coverage, where the delay from live streaming can spoil a crucial moment in a match or event for subscribers. Cyta’s OTT channels were experiencing significant latency compared to the IPTV latency reached on their Set-Top Boxes (STBs). Cyta’s goal was to reduce the latency for its 20 premium OTT channels to less than five seconds from the source.

Having previously worked with Ateme to install a successful Video-On-Demand file transcoding solution, Cyta again approached Ateme to discuss and solve the key challenge of achieving its low-latency goals. Following in-depth consultation, Cyta selected Ateme’s encoding and packaging software solutions that allow content to be processed and delivered in less than four seconds. The system delivers videos compatible with iOS and Android devices (smartphones, tablets, and TVs) as well as Windows and MAC OSX web browsers. 

The installation took less than three months, with an easy integration with Cyta’s OTT Content Management System (CMS). 

The results in the field exceeded Cyta’s initial expectations by achieving an end-to-end latency of under four seconds from the source for its OTT channels, enabling Cyta to remain competitive with its sports coverage and premium content while giving subscribers the best user experience in streaming. 

Christophe STIGAS, Vice President South EMEA, from Ateme, said, “The ‘spoiler effect’ of high latency is a major frustration for viewers, especially when watching live sports. Premium OTT providers like Cyta can eliminate this issue and keep valued customers happy with our encoding and packaging solutions that can be implemented very quickly. We are very pleased to build on our ongoing partnership with Cyta with this project.”

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