Argosy to Showcase New KVM Solutions Simpler Installation Tools and SMPTE Camera Cables at IBC

Argosy to Showcase New KVM Solutions Simpler Installation Tools and SMPTE Camera Cables at IBC

Demonstrations of latest KVM solutions from new partner G&D, super-efficient cable termination tools from Simply45® and ruggedized Hyperflex SMPTE camera cable in Amsterdam

Argosy, a leading international supplier of infrastructure products, will be exhibiting at IBC2022 (9-13 September, stand 10.C51, Rai, Amsterdam) and central to its demonstration will be a range of fixed installation and deployable solutions in support of IP and 4K production; including new KVM solutions from G&D.

Latest KVM solutions
To meet the latest demands of content management companies, studios, OBs and post-production houses – those upgrading equipment and spaces – to deal with additional content and manage higher quality video that requires more bandwidth; Argosy recently teamed with German KVM specialist, G&D, adding to its extensive KVM product portfolio.


“Broadcasters are processing ever increasing amounts of content and media files over longer distances,” explains Chris Smeeton, director at Argosy. “With a rise in the use in software-controlled systems, broadcast operations desks are becoming overloaded with multiple computer terminals and KVM is the ideal solution.”

Argosy will showcase G&D’s latest IP matrix-compatible extender at IBC. The VisionXS extends 4K at 60Hz over standard IP-based networks up to 10Gbit/s and signal transmission takes place compressed and pixel-perfect; the video quality is lossless and features near-zero latency when it comes to fast videos and frequently changing image content.


The new high-performance “KVM-over-IP™ meets KVM matrix”, the ControlCenter-IP will also be set up to integrate into a network in addition to other extender systems (CON and CPU). It provides instantaneous switching of several workplaces, intuitive operation and more efficiency at the workstation. Not only does it provide unification and access to multiple platforms, it enables rapid response to security threats and high-level data protection through pairing and encryption with AES-128.

Super-efficient cable termination tools
Argosy will also highlight Simply45 pass-through style connectors that streamline cable termination, reduce costs and boost cable performance. The Simply45 series boasts the only pass-through style connectors approved by HDBaseT, the global standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video and audio, Ethernet, controls, USB and up to 100W of power over a single, long-distance cable.

“By adding the Simply45 series to our portfolio, we’re presenting more efficient ways for broadcasters to install connectors that are guaranteed to provide full signal integrity,” said Smeeton. “With this pass-through style connector, safe and high quality termination can be easily achieved, every time.”

Simply45’s patented Cap45® isolation cap snaps onto the front of the pass-through RJ45 plug after termination, covering the exposed wire ends and eliminating potential failure points and electrical arcing. Its Bar45™ load bar precisely lines up the conductors for better signal isolation and greatly reduces near-end (NEXT) and far-end crosstalk (FEXT).

Furthermore, the solution maintains wire pair twist synchronisation at termination for improved cable performance and it is colour-coded for easy plug identification. Simply45 also offers a range of innovative crimp tool solutions to provide a stable crimping process, again helping to streamline cable termination and installation.

Robust SMPTE cabling
To further help engineers to deploy infrastructure in the field, Argosy has developed a number of OB and studio specific solutions, including special over-jacketed cables for ruggedised protection in harsh environments, such as Argosy’s new Hyperflex SMPTE camera cable.

Hyperflex is designed for simple and fast deployment of cable assemblies to speed up rigging and derigging, making it ideal for outside broadcast and studio installation. Unlike standard SMPTE cables, fibres and copper are enclosed in customised polyurethane rubberised compound outer jackets for unmatched resilience. Argosy will also be presenting custom SMPTE cable reels.

Also on display will be a range of power management solutions, patch panels, further KVM devices, racks, cables and tactical fibre. An Argosy Image rack will incorporate Argosy and TSL Products’ standard and intelligent mains distribution units, along with patch panels from Argosy, Canare, BES and Ghilemetti.

For more information, please visit Argosy at IBC stand 10.C51 or go to

About Argosy
Established in 1984, Argosy is recognised as a leading international distributor of critical infrastructure products for the broadcast, media and AV industries. Its specialist staff provide advice and professional services as well as rapid deliveries of products including cables and connectors; racking, patching and cable management; KVM and connectivity solutions; and distribution and video processing devices. Argosy has an international reputation and serves leading businesses around the world, providing a one-stop shop for systems integrators and end users alike. For more information, please go to

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