AirBox MegaICX – unprecedented playout and streaming power

AirBox Mega ICX – unprecedented playout and streaming power

London, UK, 19/08/21PlayBox Technology UK, the leading channel in a box provider for media companies worldwide, has launched a powerful new version of its market-leading AirBox playout and streaming software. AirBox Mega ICX delivers uncompromised playout capabilities in a feature-rich automation package and a simple user interface.

AirBox provides automated content playout for broadcasters, online streaming services, cable headends and corporate users. The new version is developed as a virtualised software application which can be run on dedicated hardware as a channel in a box, or in the public or private cloud, with an identical operational experience. It is also ideal for remote operation over any secure internet connection.

Web-based APIs allow ready interconnection with a wide range of third-party equipment such as server networks. The browser-based user interface is simple and intuitive for day-to-day operations, and through an API the AirBox Mega ICX can also run as a fully automated playout channel. Playlist interface formats include JSON and .ply.

AirBox Mega ICX incorporates graphics capabilities for channel branding and other needs. Templates can be designed in an HTML5 environment.

“This is a brand new integrated playout engine built from the ground up, but when we designed it we drew on all our 17 years’ experience at the top of the playout software market,” said Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK. “We talk to broadcasters and streamers all around the world, and we have brought their thoughts and ideas to this design.

Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK

“It does exactly what is needed, without complications or risks,” he added. “And thanks to the distributive, virtualised architecture, systems can be tailored to specific needs quickly and easily.”

As well as providing outputs for broadcast, AirBox Mega ICX is ideally suited to the needs of content streaming organisations, including business and community groups as well as network media organisations. It supports native, secure and low-latency streaming via SRT and webRTC.

Users can download demonstrations and free trial software on the PlayBox Technology website: Trials | PlayBox Technology

PlayBox Technology has more than 15 years’ experience in developing integrated playout solutions for live and recorded material. Its Channel in a Box, Cosmos and AirBox platforms incorporate highly advanced playout and graphics engines, capable of serving multiple outputs and operating in an SDI, IP or hybrid environment. AirBox Mega ICX supports 4k Ultra HD with full redundancy, and is capable of controlling third-party equipment such as routers and master control switchers.

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