Actus Digital and Magna Systems Deliver Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring Enhanced with Automated VOD Workflow for Leading Asian Communications Technology Group

Asia’s leading communications technology providers, known for its extensive service offerings including fixed broadband, mobile telephony, digital services, and pay television, was in search of a single platform solution with integrated comprehensive compliance logging and automated Video-On-Demand (VOD) workflow. The need was clear: a robust solution that not only adhered to stringent regulatory requirements but also streamlined content repurposing for their VOD service.

The group’s objectives were multifaceted. They required a system capable of thorough IP/TS/SDI compliance logging and technical monitoring, including TS Analysis, TS Native recording, and As Run integration from their playout system. The solution had to be scalable to accommodate an expanding array of channels and sites seamlessly. The system had to support all regulatory requirements like loudness management, closed caption/subtitles monitoring, multiple audio tracks, SCTE monitoring, and technical alerts for issues such as missing metadata (including SNMP traps). Additionally, advanced capabilities beyond compliance were needed, including advanced clipping and metadata options, ad detection, and a multiviewer with an interactive penalty box. And lastly, the integrated solution needed to leverage compliance and native TS recording to quickly and efficiently create clips for their VOD platform.

After an extensive evaluation process, Magna Systems and Actus Digital were selected to implement the Actus Digital monitoring system. The decision was influenced by the reliability, scalability, and robust support offered by the Actus monitoring platform. Additionally, Actus Digital’s capabilities extend beyond compliance and technical monitoring. Through its Rest API for advanced clipping and customized XML integration, the Actus system facilitates quick, effective, and automatic clip creation. This not only reduces manual labor but accelerates the availability of content on the VOD platform.

The deployment of this solution across two sites initially covered 226 channels, with provisions to expand further as needed. Magna Systems was instrumental throughout the project, providing essential support through demonstrations, proof of concepts, requirements gathering, installation, configuration, and training.

This integrated approach not only proved to be cost-effective by eliminating the need for multiple systems but also underscored the group’s commitment to efficiency and innovation. By consolidating all compliance requirements, technical monitoring, and automated clipping workflows for the VOD platform into a single, “all-in-one” monitoring platform, the group set a new standard in media management that is ready to scale and adapt to future needs.

Actus is exhibiting in Singapore at Broadcast Asia in booth 6G2-4 between May 29-31.

Click here to schedule a demonstration at Broadcast Asia or request a private online demonstration. For more information about Actus Digital’s products and platform, click here.


About Actus Digital (

Actus Digital is the world’s leading and trusted supplier of Intelligent monitoring platforms, including six products: Intelligent Monitoring (compliance logging/quality monitoring), Actus MV (interactive multiviewers), Actus AI, (media insight and automatic metadata generation), Clip Factory Pro (content repurposing for social/OTT/VOD), OTT StreamWatch (OTT monitoring) and Actus RVM (remote post-STB monitoring). Each product can be standalone or integrated into a single platform.

Since 2005, over 800 customers have deployed an Actus solution to help them improve quality, comply with regulations, automate content analysis, and repurpose content, addressing the requirements of broadcasters/TV Networks, governments, media regulators, news agencies and more.

Actus Digital on-premises systems and SaaS-subscriptions allow users to address needs for both traditional linear broadcast television and OTT/FAST/IPTV channels, as it reliably records content 24×7 from any combination of a variety of inputs, including: baseband (SDI, HDMI, etc.), Transport Stream (IP, ATSC-1 and ATSC-3, ASI, and QAM), IP (many including SMPTE 2110), and streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP/RTSP, and more).

Offering comprehensive yet affordable tools, Actus provides unlimited simultaneous users with browser-based access to a platform that offers many meaningful and valuable benefits used by one user for a single application or shared throughout an organization for many uses.

Actus Digital headquarters is in the United States with superior 24×7 support provided from four worldwide Actus support centers, including in the US, Europe, UAE, and Asia

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